About us

We provide pure nature sounds for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Where are the NatureSonic Sounds From?
NatureSonic sound recordings have been recorded and sourced by professional field recordists all around the world. Attention has gone into the physical act of recording to ensure that the nature sounds you hear at NatureSonic are just like being there. It’s the authentic experience of being immersed in nature.

Is Listening to Nature Sound Recordings Good for You?
They are so good for you! Listening to the sounds of nature has been widely reported to increase the levels of beneficial neurochemicals such as:
1. Endorphins (nature’s pain killers which are said to enhance memory, reverse amnesia and cause pleasurable sensations);
2. Serotonin (the happy brain chemical – not enough serotonin may cause depression);
3. Melatonin (produced naturally in the brain, melatonin naturally helps you sleep by assisting the body’s circadian rhythms);
4. DHEA (DHEA quite simply protects us from stress, disease and aging. It is produced by the adrenal glands and is needed for the production of basically all your other essential hormones. It has also been linked to the slowing of aging and improvement immune function).

How Does it Work?
You’ll feel the positive effects start to work almost instantly. NatureSonic brings positive changes to your nervous system through the increased beneficial neurochemicals discussed above. Don’t you feel more relaxed when you listen to NatureSonic sounds? It’s actually science in action, you should absolutely feel more relaxed.

NatureSonic applies complex but naturally occurring sound patterns (the sounds of nature) directly into the sensory cortex via your favourite headphones, leaving distinct imprints on the brain, creating what is called a ‘Cortical-Evoked’ response. This sounds a little scientific… Basically, scientific results show this as a wave of ignition and firing in the brain creating an ultra-low frequency ‘half-cycle’ standing wave in your head – the exact frequency which naturally occurs during deep relaxation and meditation… Cool huh?

Within minutes of pressing play on your NatureSonic recording, your brain naturally grabs hold of the nature sounds, operating in unison almost “sympathetically” with the sound as you sink down effortlessly through Alpha, Theta and eventually into deep and somewhat elusive mediative state of Delta relaxation. These mediative states are known to be places of increased creativity, intelligence and relaxation, boosting vitality and renewing your energy levels.

The great news is that after you’ve been listening to NatureSonic recordings for a while, you’ll begin to develop new neural pathways in the brain. As these new pathways are formed, mental and emotional health improves, the natural production of beneficial neurochemicals increases and your stress levels naturally decrease. Your ability to cope with intense physical and emotional stress improves allowing you to deal with life’s unexpected twists and turns more easily.

The Marriage of your Brain’s Hemispheres
The more time you spend listening to NatureSonic sound recordings, the more you’ll find that your left and right brains (the analytical and creative sides) will begin to synchronise. The brainwave analysis of those who practice meditation has shown that deep states of meditation are accompanied by synchronized left and right brain activity. That is, the left brain (your analytical side, the side most concerned with logical thinking, space and time) and the right brain (the side most in touch with feelings, emotions and intuition) begin to fire at the same time, working together. NatureSonic will begin to bring both brain hemispheres into balance, working together harmoniously to give you the ability to think creatively and analytically at the same time, something very few people will ever achieve.

Remember, the sounds you hear at NatureSonic are the sounds we’ve been hearing for hundreds of thousands of years. We have evolved to have these natural, calming sounds all around us and they have evolved to be part of our nature.

So put your favourite headphones on, close your eyes, breathe in deeply and concentrate only on the exhale and the sounds of nature which are in abundance, all around you…